Welcome to EasyJot the ultimate online document tool!  This online note taking software and note storage system allows users to share notes and file as well as organize and manage their busy lives.

EasyJot is very user friendly and simple to use.  You create online notepads (or “jotpads”) for anything you like.  For instance, if you are a college student you might keep a jotpad for each class that you are taking.  You can have an “Events” jotpad where you keep track of personal appointments, family gatherings, work events, and more with the EasyJot calendar.  If you are a fan of to-do lists then you will love the jot list features.

Share notes with friends, family and colleagues!  If you miss a class one day, it is okay because you and your classmates can share notes so nobody misses anything.  Share a jotpad with your family to keep everyone updated on family events and happenings.  Share a jotpad with your entire office so everyone is on the same page regarding phone messages, client appointments and other important work information.  One entry into the jotpad by one person updates everyone at once.  It is extremely convenient and easy to use.

You can finally feel confident knowing that all of your important information is stored safely in a note storage system online with EasyJot.  No more ruining notes in the rain, spilling coffee on them, have them accidentally thrown away or any other tragedy that is possible when using paper.  

EasyJot is an online application and not downloadable software like most of our competitors; therefore, you can access your jots from any computer.  If you accidentally break your computer or it crashes, your notes are still safe online; however, with downloadable software your notes would be lost along with the computer.  In addition, some accounts come with UNLIMITED note storage, so you will never need to pay more money to add more storage space to your account. 

EasyJot is so confident that you will fall in love with our software that we offer a free version as well!  This way you can fully try out all of the features on our website before ever entering your payment information, which will give you full access to all of our features.  You have nothing to lose!

In future blog posts, we will be detailing things such as note taking tips, how to take effective notes, and much more so be sure to check back!  Also, feel free to ask any questions via the comment section.